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Successful Investors aren't born.
They're built.
This is why we still hear countless horror stories from people investing in cryptocurrency. People who ...
  • Missed Out on Bitcoin when the price was extremely low because they did not take action.
  • Bought Cryptocurrencies At Their 'All-Time High' and sold at a huge loss because they don't understand market cycles.
  • Invested in Bad Cryptocurrencies because they did not know how to properly vet an investment opportunity.
  • Invested in Scams and Ponzi Schemes because they did not know how to avoid them.
  • ​Got Their Cryptocurrencies Stolen From Them because they did not know how to properly secure them.
Shayne Gray, Instructor
Successful cryptocurrency investor since 2012, Shayne has taught hundreds of beginners how to effectively start investing in cryptocurrency.

He’ll be your personal guide as you move forward in your cryptocurrency journey and avoid all the mistakes every other investors make.

" With This Course, We Help Smart Investors Take Action And Invest in Cryptocurrency Effectively So They Can Avoid All The Efforts And Mistakes They Would Make Otherwise.
What is
Inside This Course
Core Modules
  • How to buy your first piece of Bitcoin in less than 45 minutes -- if you haven't already.
  • ​How to save LOTS of fees when buying and selling cryptocurrencies. 
  • How to buy any cryptocurrency you'd like.
  • How to secure and backup your cryptocurrencies -- so that your journey doesn't end up in tears.
  • ​How to transfer and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum to/from your friends and family.
Bonus Modules
  • How much to invest in Cryptocurrency depending on your personal situation.
  • ​How to create a well-balanced portfolio to diversify your risk while focusing on only your favorite assets.
  • Some of our favorite cryptocurrencies, including various types of cryptocurrencies and assets.
Bitcoin Vs. Popular Assets
We took five of the most popular stocks of the past five years and compared them to Bitcoin. Even the sum of their parts was no match for Bitcoin.

We all wish we had bought Google’s IPO in 2004 at $85 per share, or better yet, Amazon’s in 1997 at $18 PPS. But we can still get in on the ground floor with cryptocurrencies.

Why You SHould
Take Action TODAY
Here are a few reasons why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies might be the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Price History. From October 2009 to December 2017, the price of Bitcoin went from $0.00076 to $19,650. Lots of influencers in the industry predict that Bitcoin should reach $100,000 per unit by 2021.
  • Market Cycles. For years, the cryptocurrency market has gone through repeated market cycles of crashes and rises. These cycles have a pattern: After a crash of 1 or 2 years, cryptocurrencies always boomed. And, did you know that 2018's crash was one of the biggest?
  • Top Companies Are Joining. Giant companies are investing in cryptocurrencies or developing new products for the industry. For example, JP Morgan and Facebook recently announced the launch of their own cryptocurrencies, namely the JPM coin and the Libra Coin.
  • ​It's getting big, quickly. For instance, did you know that China announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency 18 months after banning Bitcoin mining? What do you think President Donald Trump will do after he publishded a tweet on Bitcoin?
Investing is Easy; Regrets Are Hard
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14-day Money Back Guaranteed
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"CryptoManiaks Is Teaching You How To Go And Do It On Your Own" 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Let us know! Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and while we would love the chance to make things right, you have no obligation to give us that opportunity. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we offer a money back guarantee within seven days of purchase. Simply email our support team with the email address you registered with and we’ll issue you a full refund to your original payment source.
I’m not computer savvy, can I still invest in cryptocurrency?
Yes! If you can check your email online – you can invest in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. As a company, one of our core tenets is to make cryptocurrency investing approachable for everyone, regardless of your proficiency with computers or the size of your investment budget.
Is my payment information secure?
Yes! In addition to using HTTPS & AES encryption. We are verified by TrustLock™, a leading independent privacy verification service.
How long is the course?
While purchasing your first Bitcoin will require ~45 minutes, the entire course takes around five hours to complete. That’s years of complex information and tested investment knowledge distilled into a few user-friendly hours. However, we recommend going at your own pace and taking the proper time to digest and apply the information.
Are there any recurring charges?
No! You have lifetime access for all your devices with only one charge at the time of purchase.
I already own some Bitcoin. Can I learn something from this course?
Absolutely. Even though the course aims to help beginners, we educate our students way beyond that. Read the section "What is inside the course" for more information.
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